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  in addition to how the world is changing..." 

    Rep. Porter

April 4, 2024 Hartford

Pro family legislators made a statement this week to recognize mothers for who they are in word and deed. During a debate on a piece of legislation before the Appropriations Committee, State Rep. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven, sought tp change the wording of a health care bill to clearly identify expectant mothers as a separate identification than the gender neutral term "pregnant person." Legislators who follow the secular, Orwellian view promulgated through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion protocols resisted such efforts, claiming the term “pregnant persons” was “inclusive,” and even suggested adding the term “pregnancy fathers,” as a group worthy of health care services.  Rep. Porter and others fought back against criticisms that the amendment was somehow discriminatory, when she spoke on behalf of women who identify with traditional gender positive, not neutral (neither male or female) terms.  She asked why she is always asked to compromise when she is open to change.
The amendment to restore the term “mother” passed 32-16.
Those who supported the amendment -
State Senators: Osten, Walker, Hartley, Berthel, Gordon, McCrory, Somers
State Representatives:  Paris, Nuccio, Baker,  Bolinski, Callahan, Candelaria, Chaleski, DeCaprio, Delnicki, Felipe, Foncello, Gibson. Gonzalez, Harrison, Hoxha, Kennedy, McCarty, Nolan, Porter, Reyes, Rosario, Rutigliano, Sanchez, Simms, Zawistowski 
Those who opposed it:
State Senators: Anwar, Flexer, Kushner, Lesser, Marx, Slap
State Representatives: Currey, Dathan, Delaney, Dillon, Garibay, Gilchrest, Haddad, Khanna, Osborne, Tercyak
State Representatives:  Exum, Hall, Johnson, Ryan
State Senator Winfield
Debate can be watched here:

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Stop Constitutional Amendment on Abortion and Gender- Identity

Legislative Committee Votes to Support Constitutional Amendment on Abortion and to Include Gender-Identity under the Protections for Sex Discrimination


Keep Fighting to Stop this Amendment

SJ 4 - "Resolution Proposing a State Constitutional Amendment Concerning Discrimination on the Basis of Sex Under the Equal Protection Clause"

The Government Administration and Elections Committee voted out proposed legislation which redefines "sex" discrimination through a constitutional amendment to include pregnancy termination (abortion) and "gender-identity and expression and sexual orientation" among another items.

The language of SJ 4  redefines sex discrimination to include "but is not limited to, discrimination, in intent or effect, based on pregnancy, including preventing, initiating, continuing or terminating a pregnancy; sexual orientation; gender identity and expression; and related health care. " It also actually redefines "sex" to not just mean male or female, but any gender identity a person assumes. This constitutional amendment will have far reaching impact.

Click here to see how the members of the committee voted.



Protect Religious Freedom of Catholic Hospitals


HB 5424 “An Act Prohibiting Adverse Actions Against Health Care Providers For Providing Certain Health Care Services”

Catholic hospitals and Catholic health care workers are under siege and the consequences couldn’t be greater. The aim, led by abortion extremists, is to create a law that makes it possible for medical providers within a Catholic hospital to violate Catholic healthcare directives with impunity. The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference stands strongly in opposition to HB 5424.

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Update - Public Health Committee Passes Bill

Click here to see how the members of the committee voted.



The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference Opposes

SB 214 “An Act Consolidating Statutory Provisions Relating to Reproductive Health Care Services and Gender-Affirming Health Care Services”

The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference, in order to protect children, and guarantee their legal rights and those of their parents, urges the Judiciary Committee to modify the language in SB214 to exempt providers of “gender-affirming care services,” when performed on minors.

This proposed change to the current statute would not deny gender-affirming care services to minors. It would remove the barriers to any potential legal actions taken on behalf of a minor, or a person who was a minor when the services were provided, who feels they have been harmed by such services. This committee has continually recognized the differences between the mental capacity of an adult and minor. That difference should be recognized in SB 214.

The existing language in SB 214 relating to gender-affirming care was never been debated in any committee or chamber of the General Assembly

Read the Conference's Testimony on this legislation to learn more.


Helping Families in Difficult Times

The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference Supports

S.B. 36 An Act Establishing a Refundable Child Tax Credit

H.B. 5303 An Act Establishing a Child Income Tax Deduction

H.B. 5101 An Act Establishing a Tax Credit for Educational Access & Opportunity Scholarships

Families are facing very challenging financial times in raising their children. The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference supports reform to the tax code to help families cope with the increasing costs. The family is the basic building block of society and must be supported. Parents should have a true choice in where they send their children to school. Income should not always be the limiting factor.

        Conference Testimony


Legislative Proposals Threaten to Remove all Limitations on Abortions and Threaten the Religious Freedom of Catholic Hospitals

    Abortion extremism at the state capitol quickly unveiled itself over the last several weeks. Abortion minded legislators called for abortion without limits, increased taxpayer funding of abortions, a constitutional amendment enshrining abortion into our state constitution and weakening the ability of Catholic hospitals to not perform abortions.

    Although the exact language for these proposals has not been presented yet, the intent to pass the various pieces of legislation has been made very clear by supporters. 

 Click here for more information on these proposals.

We will need your help to stop these "culture of death" proposals.