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What is the Proposed Legislation and Why is it Needed?



The LET KIDS BE KIDS ACT would require school districts to notify parents if their child expressed a desire to identify as a gender that conflicts with their biological sex.  Current state guidelines, never discussed or approved by the legislature, do not require such notification if the child opposes it. Public school policy is one of immediate affirmation of the student's desired gender identity, even if parents learn of the gender transition and oppose it. This policy applies from elementary school through high school. The proposed legislation would also require parents to be notified when the student encounters other distressing situations in school so they can be fully involved in their child's life. 

The SAVE GIRL SPORTS ACT would allow school districts to have boys only and girls only teams based on biological sex. The issue of biological boys playing on girls teams due to the fact that they identify as a girl has created great controversy in school sports. The legislature should take action for several reasons to preserve girls sport in our state. 

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News & Opinion in New England

From The Daily Mail & The Maine Wire

"Boston Globe is under fire after columnist Kevin Cullen signed legal note that helped retired nurse, 76, die by assisted suicide in Vermont- before writing about the experience

  • Lynda Bluestein, 76, traveled from Connecticut to Vermont to end her life
  • Journalist Kevin Cullen chronicled the story and signed a form for Bluestein
  • Cullen has now been accused of violating journalistic ethics ..."


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Connecticut Bishops Issue Statement On Ending Anti-Semitism

In recent weeks we have seen a disturbing and unacceptable emergence of anti-Semitism unleashed in many corners of our state and country.
These demonstrations, speeches, and acts of intimidation against the Jewish people are profoundly evil and unacceptable.
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