September 2021 Newsletter

40 Days For Life begins in the Archdiocese of Hartford - Played a role in Hartford abortion clinic relocation to Bloomfield. What role is Hartford Healthcare playing in the operation of this abortion clinic?

The Archdiocese of Hartford's 40 Days For Life Campaign has held its annual prayer vigil outside of the Hartford GYN Center, an abortion clinic, for well over a decade. Additionally, peaceful prayer vigils have been held throughout the years by other pro-life groups. This year the 40 Days For Life Campaign will be moving to a new location, outside the Planned Parenthood in West Hartford, because the Hartford GYN Center in Hartford has finally closed. Unfortunately, the Hartford GYN Center has quietly been planning to eventually reopen in the neighboring town of Bloomfield...

New Marijuana Law Runs into First Challenge To Provision Designed to Protect Youth - Billboards on Highway

The new law legalizing recreational marijuana in our state established various advertising provisions to protect our youth from sale solicitations.

Our Responsibility to Our Common Home - Whether you believe in climate change or not.

What is our responsibility as Christians to our environment? Whether one agrees or disagrees with what they hear about the threat of climate change, we still all have responsibilities as keepers of God's creation.

Religious Liberty

The threat to religious freedom seems to be growing in our own country and around the world. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and other religious leaders are very concerned about this trend.

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August 2021 Newsletter

Religious Freedom Victory for Medical Care Providers 

  In a major victory for health care providers, a federal court has blocked an Obama-era mandate requiring physicians to participate in abortions and sex reassignment procedures despite personal religious objections. The mandate was previously blocked by the courts, but the Biden administration attempted to resurrect it. 

Recreational Marijuana is now legal in Connecticut. What is your town doing to control it? Better find out.

  When the Connecticut General Assembly legalized recreational marijuana they left it to the Planning and Zoning Commissions in individual towns and cities as to whether or not to allow the sale or manufacturing of recreational marijuana within their borders.

Churches Receive Security Grants from State

      The Archdiocese of Hartford announced this week that 13 parishes received security grants from the State of Connecticut through the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (CT NSGP). The State issued awards from a $5M fund. These 13 parishes received just over $500,000 in grant awards or 10% of the available funds.

The Transgender Movement and its Harm to Youth 

    As the acceptance of the self-identification by individuals of their gender identity grows in our society, one group that may suffer irreputable harm are young children. The medical drugs and procedures used in changing a young person, who has not completed the puberty stage of their lives, can cause permanent mental and physical be harm. No matter how you feel on the transgender issue, please read this eye opening article recently published in Commentary magazine.

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