March for Life Cancelled Due to Health Emergency

Planned Parenthood Federal Funding Cuts

 The Trump Administration's decision to cut Title X funds from family planning clinics that provide abortions has started a discussion in Connecticut about how this will affect 16 Planned Parenthood centers in Connecticut. Federal funds are almost never allowed to be used to provide abortion services.  The concern has long been that Title X funds have been used by Planned Parenthood to help support its abortion services through various accounting procedures, that is, funds are applied to medical services leading up to abortion procedures.  The Trump Administration has now enacted rules to insure that Title X funds are not used for abortions. First, abortion providers must now provide their abortion services in a separate clinic from the one in which they provide all their other services. Second, they are not allowed to refer patients to those facilities.

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Gambling Expansion - Church Remains Opposed

  The political debate over the expansion of gambling in Connecticut, which includes new casinos, sports gambling and other gambling venues, failed to result in any final decisions over the last several years. The high expectations that the 2019 legislative session would bring the passage of gaming legislation and a resolution to the conflict among interested parties were never met.

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