CT Bishops Urge Changes to Build Back Better Act

The Build Back Better Act recently failed o be considered by the U.S. Senate.

Connecticut's Catholic Bishops had written to our state's two Senators supporting two important changes to the legislation. These changes are still important should the legislation be reconsidered.

 1.  The Bishops stress the importance of removing restrictions in the bill that will negatively impact faith-based daycare and preschools. If the schools refuse to stop referencing faith in their facilities and establish totally secular standards they will not be able to receive the expanded federal funding. Parents wanting to take advantage of the funding will not be able to send their child to faith-based facilities, unless these centers become faithless.

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2.  The Bishops objected to the lack of the Hyde Amendment provisions in the Build Back Better Act. Federal taxpayer of abortion could be allowed under this act. Since 1976, every appropriations bill that passed the House included the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funding of abortion except in rare circumstances.

Additional background Information on the Hyde Amendment

Bishop's Letter sent to both U.S. Senator's (Murphy copy)