Gambling Expansion - Church Remains Opposed

  The political debate over the expansion of gambling in Connecticut, which includes new casinos, sports gambling and other gambling venues, failed to result in any final decisions over the last several years. The high expectations that the 2019 legislative session would bring the passage of gaming legislation and a resolution to the conflict among interested parties were never met.

The political efforts to expand gambling in Connecticut as a means of raising additional revenue for the state continue. This article from the CT Mirror provides a current update on the issues involved.

   The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference remains strongly opposed to gambling expansion in our state. In March 2017, the bishops of Connecticut released a statement entitled A Catholic Perspective on Gambling in Connecticut in which they stated "“In light of the studies that have been done, and the negative consequences that can result in a society already burdened by so many social problems, we are strongly opposed to the expansion of casino gambling in Connecticut.”  The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference will continue to stress the negative impact gambling has on on our society  and its detriment to the common good.