The Conference supports or opposes legislation on the following issues at the state and federal levels. 

  • Education:  Support our Catholic schools and school choice. 

  • Drug Legalization: Oppose legalization and use of recreational marijuana and other mind altering drugs.

  • Parental Rights: Oppose/support legislation that weakens/strengthens parent's right concerning their children.

  • Pro-Life: Oppose legislation that would expand abortion rights, provide public funding to abortion providers and weaken legal protections for pro-life organizations and individuals. 

  • Assisted Suicide: Oppose legalization of physician assisted suicide. 

  • Religious Liberty: Support existing laws and any proposed legislation that protects religious liberty in Connecticut and nationally. Oppose any legislation that would weaken religious liberty.

  • Oppose legislative efforts to expand gender identity ideology in schools and society.

  • Support child tax credits and deductions that assist families.

  • Support select legislation that assists the poor and homeless.