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Statute of Limitations Oppose all attempts to expand current civil law. Connecticut already has comprehensive law. Child victim of sexual abuse can sue in civil court until 51 years old.      Judiciary Committee failed to raise the issue None
Pregnancy Care Centers Oppose all attempts to regulate Pro-life Pregnancy Care Centers SB 144   Public Health

3/9Centers gave testimony with Conference assistance.

Samples: Two Hearts Center Testimony

Adoption Tax Credit Propose and support enactment of a $1500 tax credit for adoptive parents. HB 5467   Finance Hearing rescheduled
Welfare Lien Issue Support a change in current law that allows the state to recover money from former welfare recipients when their financial situation improves.  HB 5310    Human Services 3/5 - Conference testified
Domestic Workers Support a change in current law that expands labor protections, including minimum wage, to domestic workers.  HB 5276   Labor 2/25 - Conference testified
Physician-Assisted Suicide Oppose any legislation legalizing physician-assisted suicide. HB 5420   Public Health Pending
Clean Slate  Support the adoption of clean slate legislation which deletes a persons criminal record if they are released from prison and maintain a crime free record for a set number of years.       3/9 - Conference testified
  Governor's Bill HB 5019   Judiciary 3/9
  Raised Senate Bill SB 403   Judiciary 3/9
Recreational Marijuana Oppose any efforts to legalize recreational marijuana. SB 16   Judiciary 3/2 - Conference testified
Planned Parenthood Funding Oppose state replacement of federal Title X funds to Planned Parenthood.         
  Senate Proposal - $2.4 million SB 274   Human Services 3/5 - Conference testified
  Implement Governor's Budget $1.5 million HB 5005   Appropriations 2/21 - Conference testified
Gambling Expansion Oppose expansion gambling options and a new casino.         
  Raised bills - Public Safety Numerous   Public Safety 3/3 - Conference testified