Recent CCPAC Testimonies

HB 5854 "An Act Concerning the Number of Wage and Hour Inspectors at the Labor Department" - Testimony  (Support) - Social Justice Issue

HB 5003 - "An Act Concerning Education Funding in Connecticut" - Testimony (Recommended changes) - School Choice

SB 897 - "An Act Concerning A Patient's Directions Regarding Life Support Systems" - Testimony (Oppose) - Pro-life Medical Ethics

Abortion Funding - HB 6618

HB 6618 - "An Act Concerning Medical Assistance for Certain Persons Receiving Abortion Care and Related Services in Connecticut"

   Overview:  HB 6618 requires the State of Connecticut, through the Department of Social Services, to use Connecticut taxpayer funds to pay for 100% of the cost of abortion services for out-of-state low- income women. The women are eligible for this coverage if they meet certain income requirements and come from a state that has laws making the abortion service being sought illegal in their home state. 

    Status: Public Hearing Pending

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