Let Parents Parent

The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference Joins with Other Organization and Individuals to Support a Parental Rights Bill

- especially when it comes to the health and behavior of our children in school.

Parental involvement is the number one indicator of student success! When it comes to the mental health needs of children, parents and schools need a 2024 bill to "Let Parents Parent!"

Catholic teaching clearly states, "Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children." (CCC 2223)


What is the proposed bill?

  A Let Parents Parent bill would require guardians to be notified by a school if several events happen to their minor child . . injury, suicide ideation, behavior intervention meeting, social gender transition including change of pronoun and use of opposite sex bathrooms/lockers,bullying, pattern of poor academics and more.  

Why is this bill needed?
  CT State Attorney General, CT State Dept. of Education, CT State Dept. of Children and Families and various local Boards of Education are using government resources to promote gender theories to children as young as 3rd grade, facilitate social gender transitions without parental notification and threaten parents if they are not affirming. This is contrary to parental authority, state law and treatment protocols for transgender children. It is circumventing the proper venue for this discussion . . . our Connecticut State General Assembly. This issue as never been discussed or voted on by the legislature. 

  The State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families is creating a presumption of neglect by encouraging minor children to contact the government when their parent is unsupportive or refuses to affirm. Connecticut parents are at risk of being deemed neglectful, they deserve to be informed of bullying, interventions and social transition.

  These actions, and more, are all being undertaken without public input. Click on the links below to read more.

Let Parents Parent Briefing Sheet (What this proposed legislation is all about and why)

Visit the LetParentsParentCT.org website



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