January 2024 Newsletter

What is Ahead in the 2024 Legislative Session

Starting February 7th

Abortion Extremism Comes Into Full View in Connecticut 

Connecticut Abortion Advocates Hope to Fully Legalize Late-Term Abortions in Connecticut. Their Theme is "Go Beyond Roe". 

Create Real School Choice in our State

Legislators call for Expanding School Choice

Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide is on the Agenda Again

Once again the newspapers are being filled by stories of the need to allow Connecticut residents the right to end their own lives when faced with a terminal illness.

Addressing the Housing and Homeless Problems

The legislature is once again expected to address the issues of affordable housing and homelessness in our state. Shelter is a basic human right.

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Special November Newsletter 2023

American Medical Association Votes to Remain Opposed to Physician-Assisted Suicide

Efforts to Have the Organization Shift Its Position Failed

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November 2023 Newsletter

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong Attacks Pro-Life Pregnancy Care Centers in Letter Filled with Untruthful Statements

    This was not reported in the mainstream media. They only reported on the META lawsuit.

LET PARENTS PARENT! The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference Joins with Other Organization and Individuals to Support a Parental Rights Bill

    - especially when it comes to the health and behavior of our children in school

The Connecticut Catholic Conference’s 2023 Annual Abortion Report

    This report covers not only the trending of abortion numbers in Connecticut, but other topics of interest.

Isn't  it Time for Real School Choice in Connecticut ?

    School choice is a term for education options that allow students and families to select alternatives to public schools. It is the subject of fierce debate in various state legislatures, including Connecticut.

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September 2023 Newsletter

Catholic Medical Association Releases Position Paper on Gender Ideology and Its Harm to Children 

 As you read the position paper remember that the  Connecticut Department of Education encourages schools to affirm a student's expressed gender identity, without informing the student's parents.


Patients Rights Organization Files Federal Lawsuit Against California's Assisted Suicide Law on Behalf of the Disabled

 The Patients Rights Action Fund has launched a groundbreaking federal lawsuit aimed at overturning California's assisted suicide law.


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Special Newsletter - August 2023

Conservative Catholics Become Target of FBI - Viewed as Potential Extremists

  In January of this year  a Congressional Committee examining the potential of abuse of power by the FBI was informed by a whistleblower that there was a movement within the FBI to begin infiltrating and spying on various Catholic churches and organizations. A redacted memo was eventually turned over to the Committee proving that what the whistleblower was saying was true.


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July 2023 Newsletter

Comment From The Director's Desk:

   CT Attorney General Takes Position Against Parental Rights When it Comes to Gender Dysphoria in Schools

   Connecticut Attorney General William Tong’s decision to side with educational bureaucrats over the rights of parents and children is another disturbing attack on personal freedom and moral clarity.

FDA Approves Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill. A Questionable Decision in Terms of Women's Health. If You are Planning on Taking Opill, This is A Must Read.

  The Biden administration approved the first over-the-counter birth control pill — a drug associated with mental and physical harms including higher rates of breast cancer, depression, and life-threatening ectopic pregnancies. 

During the 2023 CT Legislative Session the General Assembly Considered a Human Composting Bill. The Bill Failed. What is the Catholic Church's Position on Turning Human Remains into Compost for Your Garden?

  The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Doctrine has issued a statement providing principles for evaluating some newer methods and technologies for disposition of the bodies of the deceased.  The USCCB’s Administrative Committee approved the issuance of the statement on March 15.


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