Please Urge Your State Senator to Vote "No" on SB 1166


     The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference has serious concerns about SB 1166 which has been approved by the Connecticut General Assembly’s Education Committee and will soon be considered by the State Senate. Although the legislation would not impact Catholic schools, it would very likely impact the ability of students from Catholic or other religious families to live out their faith in a public school setting.

   If enacted, SB 1166 will make every local board of education, every student, and every parent to eventually submit to supposedly locally established standards based on the guidelines promoted by a private, national organization known as the National School Climate Center. These guidelines are referred to as the National School Climate Standards. 


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Nonprofit Agencies that Provide Critical Human Services to Connecticut Residents Severely Underfunded in Proposed State Budget 


Contact Legislative Leadership, the Governor and your State Senator and Representative.

   "As for the State . . . It has also the duty to protect the rights of all its   people, and particularly of its weaker members, the workers, women and  children. It can never be right for the State to shirk its obligation..." (St. John XXIII, Christianity and Social Progress (Mater et Magistra)

  Ask the Governor and legislature to increase funding for the nonprofits that service the needy in our state. A 1% increase will not allow these agencies to continue to meet the current and increasing demands placed upon them. Such a low funding increase, in times of high inflation, will mean reductions in staffing and services. Our disabled adults and children, those facing mental health issues, the addicted, homeless and hungry deserve better. It is nice to proclaim the state has a large budget surplus, but at what cost to those in need.  


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The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference strongly opposes SJR 42 " Resolution Proposing a State Constitutional Amendment Concerning a Right to Privacy." 

Note: The General Administration and Elections Committee Passed out an Amended version of the legislation to include various personal sexual relationships.  It is now awaiting action by the Senate.  Watch for a future Action Alerts.

This opposition is reflective of the Catholic Church's long opposition to abortion. However, no matter what your position on abortion may be there are critical shortcomings with this legislation. I encourage you to review these shortcomings before casting your vote in committee. SJR 42 is an extreme, reckless and deceptive piece of legislation. This legislation is not needed in a state where abortion rights are already codified in our state law. Access to abortion is not a problem in Connecticut. 

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Your Voices Were Heard to Stop

 Legalization Of Physician Assisted Suicide 

The Judiciary Committee did not have the votes on April 19th to pass SB 1076 out of committee and send it to the Senate. The legislation had been approved by the Public Health Committee and then referred to the Judiciary Committee for review by the Senate. Several members of the Committee spoke from both sides of the issue, but the Co-Chairs did not call a vote. It was clearly stated that the committee did not have enough votes to keep the legislation alive.

Read the articles below to learn the facts about assisted suicide. This is not the right direction for healthcare in CT.

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Your Voices Were Heard to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortions!

The Human Services Committee failed to take action on HB 6618 - "An Act Concerning Medical Assistance for Certain Persons Receiving Abortion Care and Related Services in Connecticut"

On April 18th the Appropriations Committee eliminated Governor Lamont's proposal to included $2 million in the proposed state budget to pay for low-income women from other states to receive abortions in our state.

Stay Watchful! The budget process is far from over. The funding and provisions of HB 6618 may be placed back into the budget as the session progresses. The Conference will be watching for any further action on this issue.

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