The General Assembly is in session. All activities are being done through virtual meetings. This includes public hearings.



Archbishop Leonard Blair and faith leaders from around the state held a press conference to speak out against the legalization of marijuana in Connecticut.
While most politicians and proponents speak about the financial benefits, these faith leaders raised the issues of health, quality of life, impact on young people and impact on lower income communities.

Legislation of Interest 2021 


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Assisted Suicide Bill Dies in Judiciary Committee



   Today, April 20th, the Judiciary Committee failed to take any action on House Bill 6425 "An Act Concerning Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill Patients",  resulting in the death of the bill for this legislative session. The bill passed out of the Public Health Committee and then was referred  to the Judiciary Committee for further review. The deadline for the Judiciary Committee to take action was today, April 20th.  This type of legislation has gone by many names such as aid-in-dying and physician-assisted suicide.

   The following is a statement from Christopher Healy, Executive Director of the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference.

“All glory goes to God. People of faith came together and their voices were heard and we are most grateful to legislators who realized we must show more compassion and support for those who are in distress and isolation, rather than lead people away from hope and love. 

This victory belongs to the thousands of people from all faiths who got involved because they believe life is sacred and God-given. We have more to do and must improve palliative and hospice care, educate families on pain management and increase resources for mental health services.”

A special thank you to all of you who responded to our calls for action to defeat this legislation over the last several months. 



The Public Health Committee has voted legislation detrimental to pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers in Connecticut out of the Committee

Please help the centers oppose the legislation by emailing your State Representatives and Senators.

  Urge them to Vote "NO" on S.B. 835 "An Act Concerning Deceptive Advertising Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers".

Click on the link below to send them an email. You may edit the pre-written email with your own comments.

    S.B. 835 is based on completely inaccurate and misleading information about pregnancy resource centers in our state and is part of a national campaign to discredit the work that these centers perform. The word "abortion" is the linchpin in determining who is covered by this proposed legislation and who is not.  Proof of this statement can be found in Section 1(7) where "limited services pregnancy center" is defined as centers that do not provide referrals for abortions or emergency contraception. 

 Please oppose S.B. 835 - Help preserve a true choice for women facing an unplanned pregnancy in Connecticut.


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Connecticut Catholic Conference Executive Director, Chris Healy, Releases Statement on Current Congressional Efforts to Eliminate the Hyde Amendment

      December 8, 2020

This statement is in response to Congressional efforts, lead by Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D) and other pro-abortion advocates to eliminate the Hyde amendment. Over the last 44 years, this amendment has prevented federal funds from being used to provide abortions.

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Connecticut Catholic Bishops Release Pastoral Letter entitled "Respect Life Month" 2020 and the 25th Anniversary of "The Gospel of Life"

October 18, 2020

     The Bishops' letter addresses the important role Catholic teaching places on the value of human life in all aspects of our society. It is a call to value life and turn away from the violent aspects of our society that threaten it on a daily basis.

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