Stop Harmful Title IX Revisions Now!

Tell Attorney General Tong to Halt Title IX Revisions

On August 1st the Biden Administration, through a new federal regulation, will completely reorder natural law and set our country down a ruinous path for young women. Unless action is taken, the ability of women to compete in fair athletic competitions will be extinguished. The changes go beyond sports. All students and parents will be required to accept the new gender ideology, even if it conflicts with their faith.

Learn more about the problems with the Title IX revisions here.

Fourteen states will not have to comply with the new Title IX regulations because federal courts have ruled them arbitrary and capricious and an abuse of regulatory authority. Shouldn't Connecticut become the 15th state?  Our Attorney General should take action.  


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The 2024 Legislative Session has Ended

Thanks to All of Our Legislative Network Members Who Responded to Our Action Alerts.


Some Highlights:

    Defeated - Resolution on a Constitutional Amendment on Abortion and to Include Gender-Identity under the Protections for Sex Discrimination. 

    Defeated - Legislation aimed at the religious health care directives followed by Catholic Hospitals. Proposed by abortion advocates. A win for religious liberty.

    Defeated - An Act Consolidating Statutory Provisions Relating to Reproductive Health Care Services and Gender-Affirming Health Care Services. 


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Conference Starts a New Podcast Series:

Think Pray Vote 

  Latest episode:  Interview with State Sen. Doug McCrory, D-Hartford, on education, opportunity and his experience as a lawmaker. 


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Election Day Will be here before you know it.

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