Connecticut's Catholic Schools


School Facts


      Total K-12 Student Population: 19,000+

      Student Religious Background: 75% Catholic  25% Other faiths/Unknown 

                                                         Urban schools have closer to 50% other faiths.

      Enrollment Diversity: 30%+

      Average Tuition Rates

  • K-8 : ~$4500-6000
  • Diocesan High School: ~$15,000
  • Need-based aid is available.

       Graduation Rate: 100%

       All Schools Accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges


Academic Excellence

Catholic high school students consistently outperform their peers nationally and statewide on ALL sections of the SAT®.

Catholic elementary school students display steady growth on the IOWA Assessments® regularly scoring above grade level and exceeding average national scores.

Standards-based curriculum is not driven by political ideologies or cultural trends. Our curriculum is rooted in the absolute Truths of our faith and built upon a foundation of essential basic skills all students need to learn and succeed. Recognized as a curriculum of excellence by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, this rigorous liberal arts curriculum ensures that academic disciplines include the study of humanities and the sciences, thereby educating the whole child, and creating critical thinkers who will benefit our world.


Due to changes in College Board SAT Reports, nonpublic school comparisons are no longer published. Connecticut Catholic High Schools continue to have have high average SAT scores competing with the best public school districts in the state.

Faith in Action


On average, over 100,000 hours of community service performed yearly.

Gospel values are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Prayer services, Masses, retreats and sacramental training are woven throughout the educational experience.

Diverse backgrounds are united in a spirit of community, prayer and service.

Students are taught to respect, love and care for others as they prepare for leadership roles in their communities and the world.

Social justice is an essential component of the Catholic faith. Catholic social teachings are integrated throughout the curriculum.




School bus transportation for in-town resident students is mandated by state law and funded by local property taxes by each school's town government.

School nurses are funded by state and local taxes and are town/city employees.


Catholic school students are not counted in public education budgets while their parents and families contribute to the tax base.