CT Constitutional Amendment on Abortion


 A Constitutional Amendment to Protect Abortions and Gender-Identity


SJ 4 - Resolution Proposing a State Constitutional Amendment Concerning Discrimination on the Basis of Sex Under the Equal Protection Clause

 The Government Administration and Elections Committee has proposed legislation which redefines "sex" discrimination through a constitutional amendment to include pregnancy termination (abortion) and "gender-identity and expression and sexual orientation" among another items.

The language of SJ 4  redefines sex discrimination to include "but is not limited to, discrimination, in intent or effect, based on pregnancy, including preventing, initiating, continuing or terminating a pregnancy; sexual orientation; gender identity and expression; and related health care. " It also actually redefines "sex" to not just mean male or female, but any gender identity a person assumes. This constitutional amendment will have far reaching impact.

Placing abortion under the equal protection clause of the state constitution will make it almost impossible to place any legal limits on abortion in our state. It goes beyond the Roe v Wade inspired provisions in state law which allow abortions up until viability, unless there is a health concern. The amendment would eliminate the viability provision and go beyond Roe. Abortions without any limits, for the full nine months of pregnancy, will become the law of our state.

Including "gender-identity and expression" under the equal protection clause will take a personally subjective reality and make it a protected class. Equal protections usually apply to items that are objective and not subject to change, such as race, color, national origin and mental disabilities to name a few. Anyone who does not agree and does not accept the gender-identity ideology will be discriminating and potentially subject to criminal and civil charges.

The proposed amendment is an effort by legislators to basically eliminate any future public opposition to abortion or gender-ideology. It may also directly impact what is taught in our schools and who plays on youth sports teams. The legal impacts will be adjudicated in the courts for years.