June 2023 Newsletter

Pope Francis Appoints the Most Reverend Christopher J. Coyne as Coadjutor Archbishop of Hartford. He will Succeed Archbishop Leonard P. Blair in 2024.

   The Vatican today announced that at the request of Archbishop Leonard P. Blair the Holy Father Pope Francis has appointed a Coadjutor Archbishop for the Archdiocese of Hartford.

Pro-Abortion Forum Sponsored by State Attorney General William Tong on Anniversary of Dobb’s Decision - Support for Unlimited Abortion Rights

  Connecticut's Attorney General, William Tong, held a forum on June 22nd at the Legislative Office Building to express his support for unlimited abortion rights in our state.

U.S. Catholic Bishops to Create Guidelines for Transgender Health Care in Catholic Institutions

   The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops voted unanimously at their annual meeting this month to authorize their doctrine-crafting body to come up with a proposal concerning medical guidelines related to transgender procedures and medical practices.

The Governor of New Jersey has Taken Legal Action Against Three School Districts That Voted to Require Parental Notification When A Student Makes a  Request to Change Their Gender Identity. The Governor believes the Boards of Education are in Violation of State Policy. 

   What is Connecticut state policy?  Basically, parents have no right to be informed.

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April 2023 Newsletter

Capitol Update - Assisted Suicide Defeated!!!

   The Conference has some good news to share - legislation that would have allowed physician assisted suicide was stopped at the Capitol after the tireless efforts of you, your friends, and fellows in faith.

   With six weeks to the end of the legislative session , the Conference will continue to promote our agenda of life, working with others who share our common goals of religious protection and free speech. The Conference will also closely be watching the budget process and amendments to legislation to protect our rights. 

Your Voices Were Heard; Legalization Of Physician Assisted Suicide Fails in Committee

SB 1076 did not have enough votes to be referred to the state Senate

Your Voices Were Heard to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortions!

The Human Services Committee failed to take action on HB 6618 - "An Act Concerning Medical Assistance for Certain Persons Receiving Abortion Care and Related Services in Connecticut". Therefore, the bill died in committee. On April 18th, the Appropriations Committee eliminated Governor Lamont's proposal to included $2 million in the proposed state budget to pay for low-income women from other states to receive abortions in our state.

Help Us to Stop Amending the State Constitution to Legalize Abortion Without Restrictions

SJR 42 - "Resolution Proposing a State Constitutional Amendment Concerning a Right to Privacy" 


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February 2023 Newsletter

Physician Assisted Suicide to be considered by Public Health Committee - Again

   Once again the Public Health Committee has decided to considered legalizing physician assisted suicide (PAS) in Connecticut. This will be the 10th time PAS legislation has been considered  since 2013.

New proposal to use taxpayers money to fund abortions for out-of-state low-income women - Governor budgets $2 million

   HB 6618 requires the State of Connecticut, through the Department of Social Services, to use Connecticut taxpayer funds to pay for 100% of the cost of abortion services for out-of-state low- income women.

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